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Maximum 2 Adults + 1 Child per cabin

No T7 Villa, Tuan Chau Marina, Tuan Chau, Halong, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

Tell: (84-4) 3935 1888

Hotline: (84) 9 0623 7899

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Press Release

Press Release

Emeraude marks 100th anniversary on the waters of Halong Bay

Fresh out of dry dock and outfitted with a new family suite, the Emeraude is prepped and preened to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its original launch on the jade-green...

New center kicks off campaign to vote Halong Bay one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders

Halong Bay, Vietnam’s spectacular seascape of 1,600 limestone islands and caves, has begun its bid to be chosen as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Emeraude sets sail from dry-dock with new suite and spirit

The Emeraude emerged from dry-dock last week with a new suite, an expanded crew of expatriates, a Happy Hour on the sundeck and a new summer special.

U.S. Senator John McCain cruises Halong Bay aboard the Emeraude

U.S. Senator John McCain toured Halong Bay as a passenger aboard Emeraude Classic Cruises April 6 - 7.

All hands on deck: Emeraude Classic Cruises debuts spa among the karsts

Unbeatable views, jade-green waters, cool breezes, international standard food and cocktails on deck - could it get any more relaxing? As of this month, Emeraude Classic Cruises says yes.

7th Annual Wine Cruise

The sumptuous four-course meal took place inside the atmospheric grotto of Drum Cave. The elegant tableware, international standard cuisine and carefully chosen wines lent an otherworldly touch to the craggy...

Cruise Ship Captain Relishes Life in Halong Bay

Six years after his father, a soldier in the French colonial army, was killed in Vietnam, the young LeFur entered French naval school at the age of 12.

Asia Outdoors – Emeraude Ha Long Bay Adventure Trip

Emeraude launches customized itineraries for cruisers who wish to spend more time in the bay.

Dozens don black tie for spectacular feast in Halong Bay’s Surprise Grotto

Emeraude Classic Cruises set sail with a capacity crowd May 26 on a Wine and Dine Cruise on Halong Bay, lighting up Drum Cave with a black tie affair that...

Emeraude Classic Cruises receives TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2013

Emeraude Classic Cruises, one of the leading cruises in Halong Bay, has received a Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.comfor its consistent service.

The Emeraude Marks 10 Years of Heritage Cruises in Halong

One of Halong Bay’s icons sails past a milestone this week, as Emeraude Classic Cruises celebrates its 10th year as one of Vietnam’s most distinctive travel experiences.

Emeraude Names Ngoc Bao Doan New Head of Sales and Marketing

Openasia recently appointed Doan Bao to the role of sales and marketing manager for the Emeraude Classic Cruises in Halong Bay, one of Vietnam’s most distinctive heritage cruises.

Halong Bay Luxury Cruise Emeraude and Hanoi Fine Dining Restaurant Press Club Welcomes New Executive Chef

Book Halong Bay luxury cruise Emeraude and experience freshly new gourmet dishes by our new Executive Chef Guillaume Guertin.

Halong Bay's Emeraude Steers Toward End of Renovation

HANOI, Vietnam (Jan. 26, 2015) —Openasia, a Hanoi-based investment firm with a growing group of hospitality interests in Vietnam has acquired the 37-cabin Emeraude cruise ship and set about a...