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Maximum 2 Adults + 1 Child per cabin

No T7 Villa, Tuan Chau Marina, Tuan Chau, Halong, Quang Ninh, Vietnam

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The Route

Your cruise through Halong Bay wends among otherworldly karst formations and opens up views of one stupendous seascape after another. Be sure to key on the following attractions, as well. Changeable conditions and tides can affect the route, visibility and anchorage, but the following spots should be visible from the sun deck.


Sung Sot Grotto 

Early French tourists who wandered among the 10,000 square meters of this cavern dubbed this space "Grotte des Surprises", or Surprise Cave. Sung Sot more than lives up to its name on Bon Ho Island, situated right at the heart of the UNESCO-recognised World Heritage area. From the wharf, 50 steep stone steps lead up to the entrance, but the view is worth the effort.  The grotto features thousands of stalactites and stalagmites. Paths, lights and signposts guide you through two caves which continue to offer yet more twists, turns and, yes, surprises throughout.


Emeraude Shuttle Bus

Most travelers journey to Emeraude Pier with their tour group. But independent travelers can elect to take the Emeraude Shuttle. Shuttle mini buses make daily departures from Hanoi and Halong City. The bus to Halong leaves from Press Club at 12 Ly Dao Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi every morning at 07.45 am – 08.00 am.  The westbound bus leaves Emeraude Pier for the return trip to Hanoi at 12.00 pm. The four-hours each-way trip costs $40 return.


Emeraude Pier & Embarkation

After boarding via Emeraude Pier, park your luggage in your cabin and head to the sundeck for a refreshing welcome cocktail. A buffet lunch is served as the vessel casts off and heads out onto the magical waters and into the unrivalled scenery of Halong Bay.  Please be noted that Set menu applies for cruise with 14 persons and below. Buffet lunch applies for cruise from 15 person up


Activities on board

While aboard the Emeraude, be as active or as indolent as you please. Go caving at Sung Sot Grotto. Take in the bay from its entrance before heading into the darkness and its natural wonders. Experience the jade-green waters. At the overnight anchorage, take a swim from the dock, dive from our decks or launch a kayak for a nearby islet.
• Drink a cold beverage. Prepare for sunset with a drink in one hand and a camera in the other. Whet your appetite. Learn a few tricks of the trade from our Vietnamese chefs at a cooking demonstration.
• Behold the silver screen. After dark, gather topside for a viewing of "Indochine," projected on deck with surround sound and surround scenery. An unparalleled movie experience.
• Squid anyone? Try your hand at squid fishing with the Emeraude’s crew.
• Tai Chi, Halong style. To enjoy the ultimate serenity in the ultimate location, meet our tai chi instructor on the sun deck at dawn with complimentary tea and coffee. 
• All Hands on Deck. Foot and shoulder massages in the sunshine or go below deck for body wraps and scrubs - without losing that Halong Bay View.