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Cruise Ship Captain Relishes Life in Halong Bay

Six years after his father, a soldier in the French colonial army, was killed in Vietnam, the young LeFur entered French naval school at the age of 12. After graduation, he completed courses in radio operations and advanced firefighting before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the University of Rennes. He was admitted into the Ecole Nationale Hydrographie, the French Naval Institute, in Marseilles in 1971.

In 1973, following a four-month medical course, Capt. LeFur was assigned to Vietnam where he spent three years navigating medical river boats in the south of Vietnam. He received an award for his service to the people of Vietnam, and while in Asia worked for two years as Safety Officer of the luxury Puerto Princesa ferry cruises in the Philippines.

After becoming First Class Captain in 1981, Capt. LeFur served aboard French passenger ships. He completed training courses at naval academies in England and South Africa. In 1989, Capt. LeFur was responsible for ships carrying up to 2,200 passengers, and was named a Captain of the company.

In October of 1990, he was requisitioned to Iraq, where he was put in charge of river patrol boats on the Bassorah River. Upon his return to France, he achieved the title of Master Captain.

For 17 years of service as Captain and Master Captain of passenger ships without accident, Capt. LeFur was decorated ‘Chevalier du Merite Maritime’ for safe navigation and service to France. He was also a recipient of the Ships Management and Human Behavior Certificate from the Southampton Institute of Higher Education in England.

Capt. LeFur was inspired to relocate to Vietnam after spending a holiday in Ha Long Bay aboard the Emeraude.  Since becoming captain of the Emeraude in 2005, his international expertise has raised the bar on the vessel’s operations in terms of comfort, service and safety.