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How to Trust and Verify when You're at Sea

Remember when the American President Ronald Reagan was negotiating reductions in the nuclear arsenal with his Soviet counterpart, Mikhail Gorbachev? He coined a phrase back then – ‘Trust but verify’ — that’s been top of mind for me over the past several weeks.

You see, we’ve just installed technology throughout the Emeraude to ensure that our watch crews make all the rounds necessary each evening. This is the sort of check and balance in a safety system of the emeraude that would prevent a mishap like the mishap that caused a tourist boat to sink in Halong Bay last February.

The technology is a Finger Print Clock-in/Clock-out Control System. We’ve installed four of these devices at strategic locations all over the Emeraude — in the wheelhouse, in the engine room, in the crew quarters and in the restaurant.

At night, while we’re lying at anchor, our sailor on watch makes the rounds, from the wheelhouse to the engine room, the crew quarters and the machine room. And at each of the locations I’ve just described, he presses his thumb print into the screen. The screen identifies the sailor, and the time of his visit.

This circuit happens every hour. Until we installed this system, I assumed this circuit happened every hour. But now I KNOW it happens every hour because each morning I am able to read a log of the nightly rounds. 

I want to know that the sailor who was supposed to be on duty was in fact on duty, checking to ensure that all’s well while our passengers sleep. I trust my crew. I've trained them, but that doesn't mean I don't want safeguards, especially when people's lives are at stake. This technology was not required by the new safety decrees mandated by the authorities here. But I can tell you, I sleep a lot better at night, knowing this system is in place.

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